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If you choose only one sight to see in Beijing…

Make that the Temple of Heaven. The mix of ancient architectual structures, a huge, green park and thousands of locals treating it as their retirement club makes it a perfect place for sightseeing and people watching. The round altar and temples are beautiful in their simplicity, but most enjoyable is watching all the old folks getting together to exercise, dance, sing, play cards and domino, or just catch up on the latest news. (more…)

Train or Plane in China

China is a big country, actually it is the world’s fourth biggest, after Russia, Canada and the US. We are talking about 9,596,960 km2, about the same as the US. Moving around takes time and money, and if you want to experience as many wonders of China as possible, you have no other choice. Most people will automatically start looking at flights, but I want to remind you that trains are always an option. (more…)