Going to China?

Awesome! But have you planned your trip yet? Do you know where you want to go, or what you want to see? Should you learn a few phrases before you arrive? Don’t worry!

I can…
help you plan your trip to China from scratch. Where to go, how to get there and what to see when you are there, based on your interest, available time and budget.

help you make the best out of an already booked trip. Insiders tips to Beijing shops, good restaurants in Hong Kong, hiking along the Great Wall and the best evening shows and entertainment. Just to mention a few examples.

Panda buddies enjoying lunch together outside Chengdu
Panda buddies enjoying lunch together outside Chengdu

teach you basic survival Chinese, how many lessons you want is up to you. Feel comfortable taking a taxi, order food, buy tickets and things at the markets. Never underestimate the value of knowing a tiny bit Chinese, it will get you a long way!

explain Chinese culture, whether it is to prepare for a holiday, studies or a business meeting. How to behave, what to expect and what NOT to do!

tell you about Chinese history. It’s a lot more fun visiting the historical sights when you already know a bit about the different dynasties and the emperor’s religious and philosophical believes at the time. And in China, history is never boring!

Love food? I know all about the different foods you can sample while in China, from the different regions and the ingredients they use.

Travelling with children? Let me share my experiences, having lived with two kids in China from they were 1 to 7 years old.

We can focus on one of these things, or all of them. How many sessions you want and need is up to you. Please send me an email briefly explaining your needs and contact information and I’ll get in touch so that we can agree on how to proceed.

We can communicate by email or preferably with Skype or other video conference. Please contact me for more information and details.

Email: christine@chinascratched.utkast.com

Looking forward to hear from you!



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