China Shopping

I love to shop. Or rather, I love to acquire pretty, funny, useful, soft and beautiful items. While I love a good bargain at any of the markets around China, finding that special something, an item with a history and a thought, makes me even more happy. Here’s a list of high quality products developed in China.

Plastered 8
Do I know one expat in Beijing who doesn’t own at least one t-shirt from Plastered 8? Don’t think so. It’s the only t-shirts with Chinese prints you can wear while still looking cool. The designs change, but a recurring theme is 1950s to 80s slogans, prints, pictures and drawings. Please don’t buy the I climbed the Great Wall t-shirt, get one from Plastered 8 instead.

Shanghai Tang
I can only afford to buy anything here when there’s a sale, and sometimes not even then, but I’ve been a fan for years. Love the contemporary Chinese designs, and the fabrics are to die for.

Tranquil Tuesdays
Tea – China is the land of teas, but finding high quality, good tasting and fair trade can be difficult. Not if you buy it through Tranquil Tuesdays. They only sell from selected stores, but you can buy online.

Imagine dressing yourself in the softest wool  fibers, knowing it comes from free roaming yak They only sell their wonderful yak wool products in two stores in entire China (Beijing and Sichuan), so you can just as well buy the collection online (free world wide shipping, yeah).

Design shops at 798
Love the shop at UCCA gallery and the independent stores around this huge old factory, now arty district. Some of them sell only plastic toys and junk, while others have cool design stuff, art books, prints, posters and clothes. Great for different souvenirs and gift to bring back home.

By the way, I’m not getting a dime promoting any of these companies. Just love them, and want the world to discover them!