China News

Want to know what’s going on in and around China before you arrive, you can follow the latest news from these sites.

South China Morning Post is the best newspaper for daily news about China, published in Hong Kong. Also love their Feature sections, with focus on art, design, food and fashion. A great read, no matter what your interests are.

New York Times’ China blog, written by NYT’s China correspondents and other journalists, that encounter Chinese culture around the world.

Tea Leaf Nation
An e-magazine with China news, reports and insights, now part of Foreign Policy. Started as a resource for journalists to understand and get the background for stories coming out of China.

The Economist’s China section
Not only about economy, that would be depressing, but also current affairs and trends.

A collection of all the crazy news that come out of China every day. Freaky car accidents and other incidents, trends on social media, funny stories, tragic stories; basically everything that makes up China.