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The Art of Bargaining in China – Special price for you my friend

May 21, 13 The Art of Bargaining in China – Special price for you my friend

A lot of people claim to have a black belt in shopping. If you are one of them, I hereby challenge you to a match; the battleground can be any Chinese market. Don’t worry, we´ll not fight against each other, God forbid—we are on the same team! This match pits buyers against sellers. Very smart, clever and bright young sellers who know exactly how to make us pay waaay more than we should. That’s why we need to team up and let them know they are not dealing with amateurs.

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An Easy Guide to Chinese Cash

May 06, 13 An Easy Guide to Chinese Cash

Money, money, money. Must be funny, right? Not always. Sometimes money is just confusing. Like trying to calculate the exchange rate in a heated bargain, and figure out what that insurance is actually worth on the 1st UK Official site. Then you hand over your cash, only to be told you’ve mixed up the bank notes. And when you walk away, you pray that the silk scarf better be real, if not it’ll be the world’s most expensive polyester. 

China is not making it easy for you, with its cash economy. If you are not prepared you’ll spend plenty of time trying to figure it out, and in worst case making yourself a target for dishonest sellers. My goal is that you will not be one of them!

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5 Tips on How to Stand in a Chinese Queue

Apr 12, 13 5 Tips on How to Stand in a Chinese Queue

Or rather, the 5 Tips on How to Get Ahead of the All the People! Because there are no lines, just a lot of people trying to be first. Initially, you get confused, thinking, why isn’t the line moving? Then you get angry, why are all these people just walking straight in front of me, without even looking like they care? 

You can either get mad, or you can get smart. Think through which strategy will get you to your goal fastest. If you are really smart, you work on your tactics and strategies from the moment you decide you want to reach that ticket counter, subway train, McDonald’s burger or door. Remember, the Chinese were born into this, you have just arrived. Don’t worry if you don’t get it the first times, it is all about practice. A lust for competition also helps.

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A quick guide to Chinese toilets

Mar 15, 13 A quick guide to Chinese toilets

There is no way around it: During your trip around China you will at one point find yourself desperately looking for a toilet. The good news is that there are toilets everywhere. The bad news…? Well, they might not be exactly be like the ones we are used to at home. Here’s a quick  guide to the different types you’ll encounter. 

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Happy year of the snake!

Feb 09, 13 Happy year of the snake!

If you think the holiday season in the US is crazy, you should see how it’s done Chinese style. The next weeks in China will be filled with food, lights, temple fairs, displays, fireworks and firecrackers! It will be colorful (mostly red) and loud! All day and all of the night.

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A quick guide to Chinese shopping, tourist style

Jan 28, 13 A quick guide to Chinese shopping, tourist style

Think you’ll only see temples, palaces and other great wonders in China? I can promise you’ll be taken to exhibitions, factories and workshops that –  surprise! – also have a huge showroom!

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72 hours in Shanghai

Jan 08, 13 72 hours in Shanghai

China allows for visa free stay up to 72 hours, if you arrive in Beijing or one of Shanghai’s two international airports. If I had three days in the Pearl of the Orient, the Paris of the East, this is what I would do!

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