Cooking in Beijing

Oct 03, 13 Cooking in Beijing

The best travel is always when you can combine your passion with a new country and its culture. No matter what you care for, there will be others caring for the same things where you are headed. Find them!

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72 hours in Beijing

Jan 06, 13 72 hours in Beijing

From January 1 2013 China allows for visa free stay up to 72 hours, if you arrive in Beijing or one of Shanghai’s two international airports.

72 hours = 3 days. Not long, but you will be surprised to see all you can do within those hours. If we don’t take jet lag, luggage, money and Beijing traffic into consideration, this is what my 72 hours would look like.

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If you choose only one sight to see in Beijing…

Dec 02, 12 If you choose only one sight to see in Beijing…

Make that the Temple of Heaven. The mix of ancient architectual structures, a huge, green park and thousands of locals treating it as their retirement club makes it a perfect place for sightseeing and people watching. The round altar and temples are beautiful in their simplicity, but most enjoyable is watching all the old folks getting together to exercise, dance, sing, play cards and domino, or just catch up on the latest news.

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My favourite Beijing

Nov 15, 12 My favourite Beijing

I have just returned from a week tour leading in Beijing – a week with lots of sightseeing, a snow storm and later beautiful fall weather, eating and a tiny bit shopping. Never boring in Beijing! Here are some of my favorite things to do in China’s capital.

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