China – A Winter Wonder Land?

Nov 20, 13 China – A Winter Wonder Land?

Can China really be a destination for the winter holiday? After all, most guidebooks and myself included recommend spring and fall as the best times for visit. Then the weather is at its best, and when you travel around China you do spend a lot of time outdoors. Still, the winter season has plenty to offer and I know you’ll get some great experiences you can only get if you travel during the winter months. 

So what should you do and where should you go?

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Cooking in Beijing

Oct 03, 13 Cooking in Beijing

The best travel is always when you can combine your passion with a new country and its culture. No matter what you care for, there will be others caring for the same things where you are headed. Find them!

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When NOT to travel to China, and the solution if you are

Sep 08, 13 When NOT to travel to China, and the solution if you are

You did what? Booked a trip to China during one of the major holidays, are you mad?!

This could be a likely reaction from someone who knows China well when told you are traveling around May 1 or October 1. Why? Because it should, for your sanity and health, simply be avoided.

You know there will be a lot of people in China, and you sort of prepare for that. Some travelers prepare so much that they almost get disappointed when they don’t experience the tidal wave of Chinese they were picturing. I’m honestly not sure what exactly they were picturing, but I have heard the question, “Where are all the people?” more than a few times.

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What to expect when you fly in China

Aug 23, 13 What to expect when you fly in China

To see most of China, you need to move around and visit the different cities and provinces. While I personally prefer to take the train, I do see the practical side of flying. After all, China is the third biggest country in the world, and sometimes you need to get to a place faster than the 12 hours the train ride takes.

So what can you  expect when you fly in China? Read on…

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7 1/2 things I always carry when traveling in China

Jun 26, 13 7 1/2 things I always carry when traveling in China

When I travel around China I don’t travel light. And I’m not talking about the weight of my suitcase after days with tempting shopping opportunities. I am talking about the bag that always hangs on my shoulder when sightseeing and exploring sites and places. It might be heavy, but it’s worth it!

First of all it is filled with the obvious things: Wallet (or wristlet) with cash and credit card, a camera or two, mobile phone, a copy of my passport and visa and band-aid in case of blisters.

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