The Ultimate Chinese Playlist

Sep 02, 15 The Ultimate Chinese Playlist

For me, that is. This playlist is a collections of songs that have followed me the 20 years I have traveled in China. Each song has a good story, although not all of the songs are very good. Which one do you like best?

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Happy jiaozi! Or how to eat yourself to good fortune

Feb 17, 15 Happy jiaozi! Or how to eat yourself to good fortune

It’s time to start preparing for the new year! If you want to celebrate Year of the Goat in (north Chinese) style, you’ll need to eat lots of jiaozi (also known as dumplings). You can of course order at your local Chinese (and don’t forget to wish them Xin nian kuai le!), pick up a bag from the frozen section, but why not make a project out of it and eat the best steaming hot dumplings you have ever tried? Chinese New Years Eve is on February 18. Gongxi Facai!

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What to expect from the Year of the Horse

Jan 26, 14 What to expect from the Year of the Horse

Just when our new year resolutions from starts to fade you can count on the Chinese for giving you a second chance. The Chinese New Year starts January 31, so no excuses, throw yourself out there! We are entering The Year of the Horse, so get ready for a fast paced year. Before you ride into the new sunrise it might be good to know a bit about what the new year will bring.

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Christmas with Chinese Characteristics

Dec 22, 13 Christmas with Chinese Characteristics

You could be right thinking Christmas is not something that is celebrated in China. After all, the world biggest communist country should in theory have the world largest atheist population, right? And culturally, shouldn’t the Chinese be drawn to their Buddhist and Taoist inheritance?

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Cooking in Beijing

Oct 03, 13 Cooking in Beijing

The best travel is always when you can combine your passion with a new country and its culture. No matter what you care for, there will be others caring for the same things where you are headed. Find them!

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